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Only one shot per year of taser training… what to do with instructions

After the conflict between floors, a knife riot broke out and three members of the family were seriously injured.

At that time, it was revealed that a male police officer who had been outside the building had also escaped the scene, but he has a taser-like weapon and there are instructions to use it.

A knife-wielding incident that took place in the middle of the road two years ago.

The taser missed and the tripod could not be used to subdue the two men in a brawl.

There was a series of criticisms that the police should strengthen their on-site response capabilities.

Afterwards, the police released the current ‘physical force exercise guideline’.

We divided the risk at the scene into five levels, and it was specified that even a firearm could be used if there was a ‘lethal attack’ accompanied by a weapon.

It is a guideline to take an active response, but it has become unfamiliar again in the field.

Police insiders complain about the lack of training opportunities.

In particular, as frontline police are burdened with using firearms, it is important to use a taser gun quickly and accurately, but only one training is allowed per year due to cost concerns.

[경찰청 관계자 : 카트리지 수급도 그렇고. 개당 한 2만 5천 원씩 하는 상황이거든요. 1인당 열 발씩, 다섯 발씩 쏘게 할 수 있는 그 정도의 수량이 안 돼요.]

A police officer, who requested anonymity, said, “Even once training is at the level of hitting a stationary target,” and said, “It’s different from accurately inserting an electric needle into a moving target.”

Also, crime patterns are diversifying, and field response training is far behind.

[이웅혁/건국대 경찰학과 교수 : 새롭게 문제가 되고 있는 이런 층간소음, 스토킹, 또 기타 갈등 분쟁에 대한 공권력의 개입, 이런 것에 대한 훈련 자체가 거의 부재한 상태죠.]

There was a plan to reorganize simple martial arts training into situation-specific response training, but because of the corona, even this was replaced by cyber training.

[이윤호/동국대 경찰행정학과 교수 : 테이저건 쏠 거야 말 거야, 권총을 쏠 거야 말 거야, 경험을 통해서 학습한 이성으로 합리적 판단을 내려야 되거든요. 그럴 만큼 신임 경찰관들 교육 훈련을 충분히 시켰는가….]

It is pointed out that the promise of the police to protect citizens from crime will always be in vain without establishing an education system that fits the reality and securing a budget to support it.

(Video editing: Lee So-young)

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