november 24 bad news


◆ Ahn Young-hwa passed away: Koh Sang-guk ( Marketing Department Industry Team Leader) Gook-jin (Ansan University Nursing Department professor) mother, Cha Ji-sook mother-in-law = 23rd at 5 am Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital. 25th at 9 am. (02)2650-2745.◆ Sang-ae Jeon (former teacher at Shinjin Girls’ Middle School) has passed away: mother of Yoo-hyeon Jo (publisher of monthly dance, representative of Neulbom), mother of Park Tae-sik (professor at Sungkonghoe University), mother-in-law of Tim Madigan (supervisor of California Library), and Eun-kyung Jo (monthly).

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