New commissioner joins


“The Rosenheim Cops”
New commissioner joins

“The Rosenheim cops”: Commissioner Hansen (Igor Jeftić, r.) Hands over the key to his boathouse to his vacation replacement, Commissioner Birte Andresen (Sophie Melbinger).

© ZDF / Linda Gschwentner

“The Rosenheim Cops” are growing. From January, Sophie Melbinger will determine Birte Andresen as the new commissioner.

There is reinforcement: Because Inspector Sven Hansen (Igor Jeftić, 50) is leaving for vacation, Inspector Anton Stadler (Dieter Fischer, 50) is investigating the new colleague for the first time in the popular early evening series “Die Rosenheim-Cops” (ZDF) Birte Andresen (Sophie Melbinger, 36) from Hamburg. The new one can be seen for the first time on January 4th in the episode “Star Wars” (7:25 pm).

Actress Sophie Melbinger comes from Munich and studied acting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She is a member of the Heidelberg Ensemble at the Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra. Before the “Rosenheim Cops” she was seen in TV series such as “Der Bergdoktor”, “Um Himmels Willen”, “Der Alte”, “Pregau – No way back” or “Tatort”.

And that’s what “Star Wars” is about

Georg Vorreiter is found slain in the meadow of his farm. Together with his wife Simone (Tanja Mairhofer, 42), he successfully ran a “star park” on the site. Stadler and Andresen investigate the victim’s environment. A neighboring farmer who fell out with Vorreiter because of the hype around the Star Park is suspect. The same applies to Xaver Frühweiss (Franz-Xaver Zeller, 32), an admirer of Katja Ostermeier (Mira Huber, born 1991), who leads through the Star Park, as well as an unknown overnight guest …

Das Winter-Special

Before the start of the new commissioner, the “Rosenheim Cops” fan base has a real treat. ZDF will be showing the 90-minute edition “Murderous Society” as a winter special on December 29th from 8:15 pm. And that’s what the “Rosenheim-Cops” episode is all about:

Two walkers discover a body of water in a lake. It is Sebastian Herrling, who has been missing for several months and comes from a wealthy industrial family. The inspectors Stadler and Hansen start the investigation and pathologist Sandra Mai (Sina Wilke, 33) soon discovers that Herrling was slain. Several people from the dead person’s immediate environment are possible perpetrators. Both his siblings and his girlfriend had motives. A suspect can be arrested quickly, but suddenly another corpse appears …


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