Netherlands, coronavirus patients go to Germany as the number of confirmed cases rises and the burden of hospitals increases


The Netherlands has begun transferring patients to German hospitals to ease the burden on the health care system following a surge in COVID-19 cases, Reuters reported.

Health officials said a patient from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was transferred to a hospital in Bochum, Germany, 240 kilometers away, and another patient will be sent.

The number of COVID-19 patients visiting Dutch hospitals has surged in recent weeks to the highest level since May.

As the number of confirmed cases increases rapidly, the number of hospitalized patients is expected to increase further.

German hospitals have said they will provide 20 beds for patients coming from the Netherlands.

Instead of easing most of the COVID-19 restrictions on September 25, the Netherlands made it mandatory to present a ‘corona pass’, a vaccination certificate, when going to public places such as restaurants and bars and cultural events.

However, as the number of confirmed cases surged after that, partial lockdown measures were re-introduced from the 13th.

The Dutch government is also considering a plan to allow access to bars and restaurants, only to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from COVID-19, while excluding those who are not vaccinated.

Protests against such government measures continue.

Protests took place in Rotterdam on the 19th, The Hague on the 20th, and Groningen on the 21st, and violent acts also occurred.

Protests continued in Zwoller and Rosendal yesterday in local time.

In the process, at least 21 people were arrested on charges of setting a fire or possessing firecrackers.

As of yesterday, 470 of 1,50 ICU beds in the Netherlands are being used by COVID-19 patients.

(Photo = EPA, Yonhap News)

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