Neither the national burial nor the burial of the national cemetery are allowed… “I’ll play it as a family head”


Unlike Roh Tae-woo’s funeral, which was held as the national head of state, Chun Doo-hwan does not receive any respect during the funeral process. You cannot go to the national cemetery, and the funeral will be held at a family funeral.

Correspondent Kwon Ran.

Last month, Roh Tae-woo’s funeral was held as a national funeral for five days with the title of former president and the prime minister serving as the funeral director.

However, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has confirmed that Chun Doo-hwan is not the head of state.

The head of state is possible only with the resolution of the cabinet meeting, but the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has decided not to propose the agenda of the head of state Chun.

The burial of the remains of Mr. Jeon at the National Cemetery is also prohibited under the current law.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs announced that Jeon, who was sentenced to prison terms such as rebellion, was “excluded from burial in national cemeteries under the National Cemetery Act.”

It seems that the overwhelming critical public opinion that no respect can be given to Mr. Jeon, who did not reflect and apologize for his mistakes, such as a military coup, 5·18, etc., seems to have influenced this judgment.

Earlier last month, Lee Cheol-hee, senior presidential secretary for political affairs, also said that the case was different with Roh Tae-woo, and nailed Jeon’s discussion with the head of state as not worth thinking about.

[이철희/청와대 정무수석 (지난달 28일, CBS 라디오 ‘김현정의 뉴스쇼’ 중) : (노태우) 본인이 용서를 구한다는 유언도 남겼고, 유족들이 그동안 사과, 5·18(단체)도 찾아서 사과하는 모습을 보였기 때문에…]

The family of the former family said that the funeral would be held as a family funeral home.

He said he would follow the will of the deceased, which he had stated several times in his memoirs during his lifetime.

[민정기/전 청와대 공보비서관 : 내 생이 끝난다면 북녘 땅이 바라다 보이는 전방의 어느 고지에 백골로라도 남아 있으면서 기어이 통일의 그날을 맞고 싶다. 나 죽으면 화장해서 그냥 뿌려라….]

The government is not involved in the family head.

Accordingly, it is expected that all funeral procedures, such as the installation of the mortuary, burial, burial, and burial, will be conducted privately by the former family’s family.

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