Movie premieres: Today’s recommendation on the movie billboard is #TeSigo


In this week’s movie releases, you’ll find “#TeSigo “ a comedy starring Alain Shabat, who is an actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter and director, who plays a distinguished chef in this film.

Eric Lartigau, director de The Aries familia, finally premieres his feature film in Mexico #TeSigo, in which the life of Stéphane, a man who lives a seemingly quiet life as an imminent French chef, he has a good restaurant in the French Basque Country area, he gets along well with his ex-wife, and has entered a stage of life in which unbridled love affairs have ended.

But for a long time he has cultivated a long distance relationship with a woman on Instagram, is of Korean origin and 20 years younger than him.

When you decide to visit Soo, the mysterious Korean woman whom he fell in love with in Instagram, you will embark on an adventurous journey full of discoveries. Then Stéphane He will travel to South Korea to meet her.


(# JESUISLA / I’m here)

De Eric Lartigau.

Con Doona Bae, Alain Chabat, Vincent Nemeth, John Shil, Blanche Gardin.

France, 2019.



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