Miley Cyrus turns 29 accepting her lights and shadows


The life and career of Miley Cyrus has been full of ups and downs: of being the protagonist of the Disney series “Hannah Montana”, when she was a child, to show a more rebellious and sensual image already started her musical career, or star in a relationship and media divorce of actor Liam Hemsworth.

But also in this last year the American singer and actress has gone through moments of glory and others not so good and this is how she reaches her 29th birthday today.

“I’m getting used to the stage again, because there is nowhere else I want to be”

Cyrus was born November 23, 1992 and is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and producer and actress Tish Cyrus.

Here are some of the highlights in Cyrus’ life:

He takes over Super Bowl LV

At the beginning of this 2021 the singer was part of the activities around this sporting event with a show prior to the football game between Tampa Bay and Kansas City, becoming the first “Disney girl” to appear at the event. The interpretation was followed by social networks and in it she performed songs like “Wrecking ball” and “Plastic hearts”.

Metal soul

In the middle of the year Cyrus made it clear that no matter the musical genre, she has a talent for everything, and she did it with her participation in the Metallica album released for the thirtieth anniversary of the so-called Black Album interpreting the song “Nothing else matters”.

Suffer the ravages of the pandemic

In September of this year, as part of his return to the stage after the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyrus suffered a panic attack during his performance at the Milwaukee Summerfest festival.

The singer herself was the one who stopped the concert to share with her fans what had just happened:

“A couple songs ago, when the lights went out, I turned to Stacy (Jones, music director and drummer for her band) who I’ve known since I was 12, and I told her I felt like I was having a seizure.”

“For the last year and a half I have been isolated. It is very impressive to be back in a place that used to feel like a second home … I no longer feel that way for all the time I spent locked up at home,” she said.

This is how Cyrus joined the conversation that, with the pandemic, gained more force: the one that has to do with mental health.

“I am getting used to the stage again, because there is nowhere else I want to be,” he explained.



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