“Let’s resume the ‘Inter-Korean Women’s Conference’, which opened the first private exchange since division”


‘Peace in Asia and the Role of Women Discussion’
Tokyo and Seoul in 1991 ~ Pyongyang in 1992 4 times
11 Peace Women’s Organizations 25th 30th Anniversary Event

Representatives of South and North Korean women first met during the first ‘Asian Peace and Women’s Role Debate’ held in Tokyo in May 1991. Photo courtesy of the Korean Family Cultural Center

North and South Korean women representatives met with President Kim Il-sung at the 2nd 'Peace in Asia and the Role of Women Discussion' held in Pyongyang in September 1992.  Photo provided by the Women's Association for Making Peace

North and South Korean women representatives met with President Kim Il-sung at the 2nd ‘Peace in Asia and the Role of Women Discussion’ held in Pyongyang in September 1992. Photo provided by the Women’s Association for Making Peace

It was in 1991 that women opened the door for the first inter-Korean exchanges after division. In May of that year, in Tokyo, Japan, then in Seoul in November, in Pyongyang in September 1992, and in Tokyo in April 1993, the ‘Peace in Asia and the Role of Women Discussion’ was held four times. An international discussion event with the same title will be held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first inter-Korean women’s summit. 11 women’s groups that have been campaigning for peace will hold an online ‘2021 International Discussion on Peace in Asia and the Role of Women’ from 2 pm on the 25th at the Dariso Theater in Donggyo-dong, Mapo Youth Culture Space, Seoul. National Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation Women’s Committee, Women’s Peace Diplomacy Forum, Women’s Peace Movement Network, Justice and Memory Solidarity for Resolving the Issue of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, National Women’s Solidarity, Peace Making Women’s Association, Korea Women’s Association of Churches, Korea Christian Church Council Women’s Committee , the Korean Federation of Women’s Organizations, the Korea YWCA Federation, and the Women’s Headquarters of the South Korean Committee for the Implementation of the 6.15 Joint Declaration. The organizers said, “Especially during the third debate held in Pyongyang in 1992, for the first time, the South Korean delegation (Director, Professor Woo-Jeong Lee) set foot on North Korea via Panmunjom, and agreed on a plan for continuous and regular exchanges. It was cut off after his death,” he said. In the first part ’30 Years of Peace in Asia and Women’s Role Debate, Achievements and Tasks’, the first part was presented by Susanna Choi, general manager of YWCA Korea Federation, and Hyeon-sook Lee, Honorary Representative of the Women’s Peace Diplomacy Forum, and Lee Na-young, Honorary Representative of the Women’s Peace Diplomacy Forum. Solidarity Chairman, Lee Moon-sook, former general secretary of the Asian Women’s Association, Ishii Mayako, former president of YWY in Japan, and Patty Talbot, director of the International Partnership Program at the United Church of Canada, will participate in the discussion. Part 2 discusses ‘Proposal of tasks for women’s peace movement for conflict, peace, and sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula and in East Asia from the perspective of women’. Kim Jung-soo, the executive director of the Women’s Association for Making Peace, Han Mi-kyung, the standing president of the National Women’s Solidarity, Akibayashi Kojue, a Wilf Kyoto activist and Doshisha University professor, Anne Wright, an American Woman Cross DMG activist and a member of the Steering Committee of the Peace Veterans Association, Wang Daning China Tea A research fellow at the Har Research Institute will be on the panel. The overall discussion will be led by Koo Kyung, a consultant for the Women’s International Peace Federation for Peace and Freedom.

It also supports international organizations and organizations such as the United Nations Office for Political and Peacebuilding (DPPA), the Global Civil Society Network for Conflict Prevention and Peace (GPPAC), and the Women’s Cross DMZ (WCDMZ). Korean-English simultaneous interpretation is provided through Zoom. Pre-registration (https://bit.ly/3GkdPTj) is required. It will also be broadcast live on the Justice Memory Alliance and YWCA Korea’s ‘YouTube Channel’. (02)929-4846 Reporter Kim Kyung-ae [email protected]


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