Jasmin Herren in mourning for Willi Herren: “I’m not celebrating Christmas this year”


Jasmine gentlemen
So she spends the first Christmas without her Willi (†)

Jasmine gentlemen

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Jasmin Herren cannot return to normal after the loss of her husband Willi Herren in April 2021. That’s why she’s canceled Christmas.

It has been seven months since Willi Herren was found dead in his Cologne apartment at the age of 45, leaving a huge void for his family, friends and in the entertainment industry.

Jasmin Herren: The truth about the separation from Willi

Especially Jasmin Herren, 42, is still suffering extremely from the loss of her husband. The two were officially separated before Willis’ death, but in an interview with the ProSieben format “red.” Jasmin unpacked about the alleged separation: “Now I have to drop a bomb: Willi and I had lied. We had no intention of breaking up. Because we wanted to think about a new path ourselves, to make a common plan for the future. Then we wanted to we look around for a common house or apartment and probably go to Mallorca together. “

Jasmine gentlemen

Jasmin is not yet ready for normality

Jasmin has now been in Mallorca without her Willi for a long time, which is very good for the widow. And although the 42-year-old looks ahead and has happy moments in life again, she cannot and does not want to go over to normality yet. Jasmin takes a year of mourning, which also includes celebrations like Christmas. When she was asked during a Q&A on Instagram how she was spending it, she replied: “I’m not celebrating my birthday or Christmas this year. I’m completely with myself this year and I also want my peace and quiet. I enjoy myself and do it with myself and I can also be sad at Christmas. “

Jasmin now mainly gets distraction from her friends, who also include reality TV actor Rafi Rachek, 31, as she shows in a small video.

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