“Is it difficult to say an apology?” “Sin doesn’t go away”


The 5/18 organization and his family could not hide their disappointment and anger at the news of Mr. Jeon’s death. However, he said that death cannot bury the truth, and that the historical judgment will continue.

Reporter Park Seong-ho of KBC will tell you.

Although the May group showed a sense of disappointment, they decided to hold on to the historical responsibility of May 18 until the end.

[조진태/5·18 기념재단 상임이사 : (모두) 허탈감을 가지고 있을 것 같습니다. 그러나 분명한 것은 5·18 관련해서 학살 최고 책임자로서의 전두환의 죄과, 그것은 사라지지 않습니다.]

In the end, there was great anger and regret for Mr. Jeon’s death without an apology or acknowledgment of the firing order.

[이명자/오월어머니집 관장 : 전두환은 수천 명을 가두고 죽이고 해놓고 저렇게 용서를 구하지 않고 간다는 것은 일말의 양심이 전혀 없는 인간이라고 저는 생각합니다.]

[황민경/전남 목포 옥암동 : 광주에 왔을 때 정말 말 한마디만 했었으면 참 좋았을 텐데 그 말 하기가 그렇게 어려웠던가. 좀 괘씸하기도 하고 솔직히….]

Even after the death of Jeon, he raised his voice that the 5/18 fact-finding and unpaid fines should continue.

[김재석/광주광역시 산정동 : 연희동 집이라도 처분해서 받아내야지. 그건 사람을 가지고 노는 거지. 그게 말이 되는 소리예요? 29만 원밖에 없다는 것이.]

The people of Gwangju and Jeollanam-do are filled with frustration and anger at the death of Mr. Jeon, who left without reflection and repentance.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-soo KBC)


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