He reported her then, now Katja Bienert mourns her husband Donald Gardner


Katja Bienert
Actress mourns the loss of her husband Donald Gardner

Katja Bienert

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Actress Katja Bienert mourns the loss of her husband Donald Gardner. She shared this on Facebook by posting a photo of the examination and writing: “It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the sudden death (asystole at 8.15 am) of my beloved husband Donald Gardner. I am devastated, but I am stopping you up to date! ”

It is a somewhat strange story about Katja Bienert, 55, who became known for films and series such as “Schulmädchen-Report” and “Praxis Bülowbogen”, and her American husband.

Katja Bienert: Missing in the USA

In May 2017, the message suddenly surfaced that the actress was missing. Relatives and friends were looking for the Berliner, who had been in the USA since autumn 2016.

Katja Bienert is said to have previously been arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, for trespassing and failing to comply with a court order. As a result, Beinert was in a women’s prison for some time. After her release in April she disappeared without a trace – until a friend found her and announced on Facebook that Katja is fine. She was in detention again in prison. When she was arrested, it was found that Bienert’s visa had expired and she was arrested.

Turbulent relationship with Donald Gardner

The curious thing about the situation: The injunction that Bienert ultimately brought to prison was about her husband Donald Gardner, who was still her boyfriend at the time.

Gardner reported Bienert for stalking and obtained a contact ban. In an interview, he accused her of being violent to him by trying to stab him in the neck with a clothes hanger. Bienert contradicted this description, however, and insisted that it was merely a light decorative hanger in the shape of a heart, with which no real injuries could be inflicted.

Back in Germany

Bienert ultimately spent nine months in prison. Back in Germany, the surprise followed: Katja Bienert and her boyfriend made up and became a couple again. Gardner reported them back then with good intent. “He always meant well to me. At the time he only reported me so that I could get help. I was standing next to me and needed help. I got it in prison. Donald visited me every Saturday during deportation. The prison sentence has strengthens our love. “

The two lived together in Berlin after the drama in the USA, but wanted to go back to Arizona. But apparently nothing came of the plan, because on the Facebook profiles of the two of them, Berlin is indicated as their place of residence until the end. Bienert and Gardner got married in March 2020. After only one and a half years of marriage, Katja Bienert now has to cope with the loss of her great love.

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