“Gwangju riot” “Total property 290,000 won”… sympathy


Chun Doo-hwan did not sincerely apologize or reflect on his crimes while ignoring his historical responsibility. In particular, in 1980, the cry for revealing the truth of Gwangju was consistent with excuses, and there was no effort to relieve the pain of the victims.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok summarized the scenes that caused public outrage.

At the time of the trial on charges of rebellion in 1995, Jeon expressed his injustice by saying, “Why am I the only one with this?”

Even at the time of pardon in 1997, he did not show any remorse,

[전두환 씨 (1997년 사면 직후) : 교도소 생활이라는 게 여러분은 교도소 가지 마시오, 그것만 내가 얘기하고 싶습니다.]

Since then, he has been avoiding responsibility by pouring out remarks that denigrated the May 18 Democratization Movement as a riot.

[전두환 씨 (2003년 인터뷰) : 광주는 총기를 들고일어난 하나의 폭동이야. 그러니까 계엄군이 진압하지 않을 수 없잖아요?]

When he was sentenced to a fine of 220.5 billion won, he aroused public outrage with the brazen attitude that he had only 290,000 won in his bank account.

[전두환 씨 (2003년 인터뷰) : 검사가 조사해서 없으니까 못 가져간 거 아니야. 마당에 숨겨놓은 게 있으면 마당 와서 파 보면 되잖아.]

In a memoir published in 2017, the late Father Jovio, a witness to the Gwangju Massacre, was tried for defamation by referring to him as an “unscrupulous liar”, but he refused to attend the trial, saying he had Alzheimer’s.

But after a sumptuous luncheon and a game of golf, he was again incensed.

[전두환 씨 (2019년 강원도 홍천 골프장) : 광주하고 나하고 무슨 상관이 있어? 광주 학살에 대해서 모른다, 나는. (1천억 원 넘는 추징금과 고액 세금 언제 내실 겁니까?) 네가 좀 해주라. 자네가 돈을 좀 내주라.]

Jeon, who appeared in court under the pressure of the judge, but only yelled and nodded again,

[전두환 씨 (2019년 광주지법) : (발포 명령 부인합니까?) 이거 왜 이래?]

[전두환 씨 (2020년 서울 연희동) : (전두환은 대국민 사과해라 XX아!) 말 조심해 XX!]

I could not hear any words of reflection or remorse until I passed away.

(Video editing: Won-hee Won, CG: Chan-hyeok Lim, video provision: Han-sol Lim)


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