Duchess Meghan: “Not true” – your lawyer defends you in a new BBC documentary


Herzogin Meghan
Her lawyer defends her in a new BBC documentary

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A new documentary about the Royal Family is not only encountering headwinds from members of the British royal family. Duchess Meghan also defends herself and lets her lawyer speak for herself.

The new BBC documentary “The Princes and the Press” has it all: It is about the relationship between Prince Harry, 37, and Prince William, 39, with the media. Even before the first part of the two-part program was broadcast on Monday evening, November 22nd, 2021, the Royal Family sent a statement to the BBC in which they vehemently oppose the content of the documentary and question its credibility.

Duchess Meghan lets her lawyer speak

The show also addresses love and the big wedding of Duchess Meghan, 40, with Prince Harry. The former actress even hired her lawyer to defend her against the allegations made in the documentary. Jenny Afia of the law firm “Schillings” speaks in the documentary on behalf of her client and denies, among other things, that she was a “difficult and demanding” boss who drove her employees to quit.

Has Meghan bullied her employees?

Reports of their poor dealings with palace employees behind closed doors first surfaced in 2018 and are now the subject of internal investigations by the royal family. “These stories were not true,” explains Jenny Afia in an interview with the moderator Amol Rajan. “Those stories that no one could work for the Duchess of Sussex, that she was too difficult or demanding a boss and that everyone had to leave, are simply not true.”

In a trailer for the second part of the film, Meghan’s lawyer explains: “The general charge is that the Duchess of Sussex is guilty of bullying.” When asked if it is, Afia’s clear answer is: “No way.”

Omid Scobie makes serious allegations against the Royal Family

Omid Scobie, 40, author of the Sussexes biography “Finding Freedom” and allegedly close confidante of the American, also has a say and raises serious allegations against the British royals. “There have been rumors that many of the most damaging and negative stories in the press about Harry and Meghan are said to have come from other royal households or palace employees,” he explains, confirming, “And from my own research that is absolutely true.”

No other member of the royal family cooperated with the BBC. Only the statement of Buckingham Palace together with Clarence House and Kensington Palace was faded in at the end of the broadcast. A real rarity that shows the frustration of the British royal family. They even threaten to boycott the company because they had previously been refused to respond to the allegations and allegations made.

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