Monday, November 29

Despite the danger of explosion, “People must come first”… Citizens who rescued drivers

A moving car collided with a median and caught on fire, but passersby rushed to save the driver and passengers. It was a dizzying moment that could lead to an explosion, but it was a truly brilliant “civic consciousness”.

This is KNN reporter Joo Woo-jin.

On the 21st, flames soared from a vehicle that collided with a road median in Busan.

A taxi driver who witnessed the scene runs to the accident car and tries to get the driver out, but it is not easy on his own.

In an instant, citizens gather around one by one and work together to rescue the unconscious driver.

As the flames grow louder, this time the citizens head to the passenger seat.

He gets his tools and smashes the windows, rushing in desperately to finally rescue his passengers.

It was a miracle that was created within 4 minutes of starting the rescue without backing down from the danger of a vehicle explosion.

[손병오/부산 보수동 : 헬멧을 썼는데 헬멧 안까지 몸속까지 뜨거운 불길을 느끼겠더라고요, 그래도 공포는 잠시고 일단은 마음이 사람 먼저 살려야 되겠다… 그런 마음이 들어서….]

Immediately after the rescue, firefighters arrived and put out the fire, and the driver and passenger were injured, but there is no life-threatening condition.

He returned to the scene of the accident.

Traces of the emergency situation at the time remain. As you can see from the back, this is a place where there is usually a lot of traffic and traffic congestion.

It is not easy to access by fire trucks, etc., but without prompt action by the citizens, it would have caused great damage.

The police plan to further verify the identities of the citizens who carried out the rescue operation and deliver a letter of appreciation.

(Screen credit: Busan National Police Agency, Busan Fire Department)

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