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Cornices, fringes and feathers.. Trends that dominated the “Cairo Film Festival” dresses 2020

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal

Art stars are keen to appear in the best looks while attending the events of the Cairo Film Festival, from the opening to the closing.

In the report, we show you the best looks of art stars from the previous session, before the launch of the new version of the festival next Friday.

– Dora

At the closing ceremony, the artist, Dora, starred in a bright mauve dress, with a crochet story in a haute couture manner, on the side of the middle, buttocks and neck, with a leg opening that highlights her slender people in an aesthetic way.

One shoulder dresses are one of the international fashion trends 2020-2021, in addition to the fact that jewelry, hairstyle and makeup made her look like Barbie.

In another look, Dora appeared in a blue dress while attending the opening ceremony, and the dress was characterized as fluffy and multi-layered, with a belt at the waist area, and Dora adopted strong makeup, and wore accessories consisting of an earring, a ring and a bracelet, and she chose a ponytail hairstyle.

– Reham Abdel Ghafour

The artist, Reham Abdel Ghafour, appeared on the red carpet for the closing events, and wore a classic dress of a different story, the upper part without sleeves, a mixture of white and black colors, while the lower part of the dress was in glossy black and decorated with tassels.

She coordinated with her look a glossy black bag and shoes, and chose a quiet make-up with a haircut that gave her look a delicate feminine character.

She adopted red makeup, a simple hairstyle, and used the earring as an accessory that matches the dress’s story and its bright color.

– Yasmine Sabry

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, appeared in the activities of the first day, in a long black dress decorated with ostrich feathers from below.

She wore a strong make-up, and chose to have her hair loose on both sides of her shoulders.

Radwa El-Sherbiny

Presenter Radwa El-Sherbiny was keen to attend the opening ceremony, wearing a long black dress, and the design was characterized by multiple layers of cornice.

She also adopted a strong make-up, and chose to have her hairstyle pulled up.

– May life

At the opening ceremony, the artist, Mai Omar, appeared in a short peacock-shaped dress in the front, in turquoise, fully decorated with lobes, and with a multi-layered fluffy extension, decorated with feathers.

Amina Khalil

The artist, Amina Khalil, appeared in the 41st session, wearing a cashmere dress that relied entirely on the fringes, and it has multiple openings in the front from the chest, abdomen and sides, and is decorated with white rose ribbons from the openings.

– Mona Zaki

The artist, Mona Zaki, also starred in a long, pastel-colored dress, with healthy cornices from the sleeves, with a V-shaped opening at the chest, and with a belt from the waist, which highlighted her beauty and grace.

She decorated the look with a long diamond necklace, adopted a strong make-up, and chose to have her hairstyle loose.


The artist, Basma, appeared in a dress made of satin fabric in indigo blue, with a cup-style, decorated with feathers from the chest, and coordinated with it a black clutch.

She chose to have her hair pulled up and wore strong make-up.

– Angie Kiwan

Presenter Engy Kiwan appeared in a yellow dress, which is an open dress from top and bottom with frills and ruffles in the middle area.

Iman Sharif

Tunisian artist Iman Sharif appeared at one of the El Gouna Festival sessions wearing strange outfits that raised the public’s question.

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