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Besih Al-Kab and Al-Manfoush.. Dresses that grabbed the spotlight in the previous “Cairo Film Festival”

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Written by Noor – Jamal

Next Friday, art stars and their fans will be on a date with one of the most prestigious festivals in the Arab world and Africa, the Cairo International Film Festival in its new session.

On the red carpet of the festival, the stars shine with diverse, daring, unique and even exotic looks, and during the previous country, some dresses grabbed the spotlight, which we are reviewing for you before the start of the 43rd session.

– Dora

The artist, Dora, appeared in a blue dress while attending the opening ceremony, which was distinguished by its fluffy and multi-layered design, with a belt at the waist.

Dora adopted a strong make-up, and wore accessories consisting of an earring, a ring and a bracelet, and she chose a ponytail hairstyle.

– Yasmine Sabry

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, appeared during the opening ceremony in a black dress, which was distinguished by the cupped cut, and was decorated with embroideries at the chest, and engravings from the bottom.

As for her make-up, she was strong, in addition to that she decorated her look with accessories consisting of a ring, a bracelet, and a collet, and left her hair hanging down.

– Arwa Gouda

The artist, Arwa Gouda, appeared at the opening, in a black and white dress, cut with an extension from the back, and Arwa adopted a strong make-up, as she focused on drawing the eyes, and chose the classic hairstyle.

– Hanadi Muhanna

The artist Hanadi Muhanna appeared on the fifth day of the festival, in a long black dress, with puffed sleeves, with a long royal tail, and coordinated with her look a black clutch, beige shoes, and adopted soft makeup, leaving her hair loose.

– Asma Jalal

On the fifth day, the artist Asmaa Jalal wore a long dress, in royal blue, with a bold cut at the chest, and a long leg opening, decorated with silver-colored drawings on one side.

She coordinated with the look with soft accessories, as she wore long dangling earrings, with a rose-colored clutch, and chose a flowing, flowing hairstyle, with soft makeup in shades of nude and rose.

-Yusra Louzy

At the closing ceremony, the artist, Yousra Al-Lozy, wore a white dress, with transparent sleeves, and a multi-role from the bottom, and she adopted strong makeup and a classic hairstyle, as well as decorating her look with simple accessories consisting of an earring and a ring, and a silver clutch.

– Laila Ahmed Zaher

The artist, Laila Ahmed Zaher, appeared at the closing ceremony in a black dress, and her dress was long and fluffy, with an off-shoulder story, relying on thin makeup, preferring to raise her hair, and used simple accessories.

– Sarah Al-Tunisi

At the opening, the artist, Sarah Al-Tunisi, chose a long dress, embossed in black and studded with golden stripes, with a bold chest cut, with an open back, and adopted a lifted hairstyle with falling tufts, and soft makeup, and coordinated with the look, accessories with a soft design.

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