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Before the launch of “Cairo Film Festival” .. Stars shared old and recurring dress styles

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Over the past few sessions of the Cairo International Film Festival, the stars appeared in all their elegance on the red carpet, wearing the latest and most beautiful designs to attract attention, but some looks were completely unsuccessful on Red Carpet.

Before the start of the new edition of the festival from November 26 to December 5, we will review with you the most prominent looks of the repeated stars and old stories as follows:

Madeleine Tabar:

The artist, Madeleine Tabar, appeared during her attendance at the closing ceremony of 2019 in a shiny mauve dress with an old design, which was not suitable for her body shape, especially in the abdominal area, in addition to the material of the fabric of the poor design, which appeared clearly in the story of the folds that came unsuccessfully, and she adopted an open shoe with an unsightly wide heel. Perfect for the look, he preferred to wear high heels with a classic design.

Khaduja Sabri:

At the opening ceremony of the fortieth session of the festival, the Libyan actress, Khaduja Sabri, wore a dress with a repeated story that provoked the ridicule of some social media users, as the dress is not suitable for her chubby figure, and the colors are not suitable for her body shape.

– Lebleba:

The star Lebleba also appeared with an unsuccessful and old look, while attending the closing ceremony in 2019, as she wore a green dress studded with shiny golden embroideries, resembling an Indian sari, and the design came with a story that was not suitable for her body shape or for her appearance on the red carpet.

Manal Salameh:

The artist, Manal Salama, wore a blue dress with a “drapery” cut from the top of the dress, and a “drawn” design from the center to the bottom, with a silver belt on the waist, and this came in response to Carpet at the opening ceremony of the 40th Cairo Film Festival.

– Engy Ali:

The media, Engy Ali, wore a long black and white dress, but the model’s colors and material did not match its use as a bracelet, and the accessories were not compatible with the model. Cinematography in its 39th session.

– Abeer Sabri:

Also, the artist, Abeer Sabri, chose a long dress, with a fluffy story, that seemed very crowded, as it was decorated from the top with embroidered lace, and from the bottom with multiple layers of ruffles. fully.

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