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Ashley Graham fights back against nasty stretch marks comment

Ashley Graham
She defends herself against nasty stretch marks comment


Ashley Graham is currently pregnant with twins and is on the home stretch. Unfortunately, she cannot enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest, because nasty comments are made about her stretch marks – now the model’s collar is bursting.

Her heart is fulfilled, because Ashley Graham, 34, and her husband Justin Ervin are expecting offspring again – and this time in a double pack. The fact that a twin pregnancy is eating away at the mother-to-be can be seen in the latest footage that Ashley shares on her Instagram account. Then she poses with black leggings and a knitted cardigan that exposes her stomach for the camera.

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The XXL baby ball is not only difficult for the 34-year-old to lift, the skin also suffers from constant tension, which is why there are slight stretch marks on the lower abdomen. No problem for the model, who has already campaigned in the past that stretch marks are part of the process when the body changes.

Nasty comment: Ashley Graham fights against body shamming

Unfortunately, not many have such a healthy attitude towards their own body, which is why there are numerous positive messages under the picture as well as negative comments. There is one thing that Ashley is particularly annoyed with. A user writes under her picture: “I also had twins, but no stretch marks. I hope this has no effect on your career”.

Stretch marks cannot really be avoided, which is why highlighting a fact that can potentially be painful for the other person is just insensitive. In addition, the allusion to Ashley’s job is presumptuous, which the 34-year-old also thinks and reposts the post with the slightly annoyed answer: “My goodness, I hope that I also have a career with my stretch marks”.

Ashley Graham fights back against nasty stretch marks comment.

Ashley Graham fights back against nasty stretch marks comment.


For other users, it is above all these “real” pictures of baby bumps that they appreciate. A follower encouraged Ashley with her post, writing: “I love to see a celebrity with stretch marks. I’ve had them myself, but all I’ve ever seen were smooth, flawless bellies. Seeing that would have helped me a lot. ” And the numerous hearts under the post also prove that Ashley Graham hit a nerve with her picture.

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