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“Andong, Yecheon, let’s see who’s stronger” High school students fight at dawn

It is a real-time e-news that looks at the news that became a hot topic on the Internet overnight.

I’ve seen a lot of articles about high school students in Andong and Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, having a group brawl to see which one is stronger.

Early in the morning of the 1st, in a parking lot in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, students tangled their fists in the parking lot and fight.

They are so-called ‘school boys’, and the reason for the brawl was absurd.

It is said that the previous day, while we were playing together at a friend’s birthday party, we got into an argument saying, ‘Is Andong counting or Yecheon counting, let’s stick together.’

They fought for about two minutes like a mixed martial arts competition on the condition of a 4-4 match.

Afterwards, they reconciled and reached an agreement, but the police obtained the video circulating online and started an investigation.

(Screen source: YouTube HooniBear, article source: Kookmin Ilbo)

There is a controversy that a student claimed that the inspector made a mistake and ruined the exam.

On the 20th, a post from an examinee was posted on an online community saying, ‘I ruined the CSAT because of the supervisor’. That is, the supervisor misunderstood the method of the 4th class of the CSAT and gave the wrong guidance.

In the end, the examinee claimed that he failed the exam by not concentrating properly.

The Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education said, “It has been confirmed that the student’s allegations are true to some extent, and we plan to investigate the facts in more detail.”

In addition, he added that we will provide as much support as possible so that the student can go to school without any problems this school year, and we are discussing what action to take in response to the incident.

(Screen source: online community Orbi, article source: JoongAng Ilbo)

There was also high interest in the video of a full swing shot released by the American golf king, Tiger Woods, nine months after a car accident in February.

Woods in shorts swings with a golf club.

This is a three-second video that Woods posted on his social media with the words ‘I’m getting better little by little’.

Woods suffered a serious leg injury in an accident in February of a car he was driving near Los Angeles, California, USA.

Judging by the half-filled golf ball basket and the many dent marks in the swinging area, it seems that he practiced several times. It shows expectations.

(Screen source: Twitter @TigerWoods, article source: Seoul Shimbun)

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