“All that matters” star leaves the series


Sam Eisenstein
“All that matters” star leaves the series

Sam Eisenstein has played the character Marian Öztürk since 2006.

© RTL / Julia Feldhagen

Sam Eisenstein is turning his back on the RTL series “Alles was geht” after 15 years and wants to break new ground from now on.

Sam Eisenstein (48) has been with us since the beginning of “Alles was geht” in 2006. After 15 years and almost 4,000 episodes of the RTL series, however, his character Marian Öztürk is saying goodbye to the fictional Essen district of Schotterberg. The station has now announced this sad news for all fans.

RTL is full of praise for the many years of collaboration: “As an actor from the very beginning, Sam Eisenstein has been an important part of the ‘Alles was geht’ ensemble since 2006 – we are very grateful to him for how he played his role Marian Öztürk so many has given interesting and lovable facets. “

Is it possible to make a comeback?

The fans are also given some hope of a comeback for the actor, because: Marian’s son Deniz Öztürk (Igor Dolgatschew, 38) and “his niece Leyla Öztürk (Suri Abbassi, 27) will stay in Essen and maybe the family will be in contact at some point once again more intensely in the future “.

For the time being, Eisenstein wants to “break new ground” in his career. His final appearance will be in episode 3.823, which will air on November 24th. The impatient can already watch the farewell sequence via RTL +.

In the episode, Marian seems to disappear all of a sudden. In a letter to the seriously ill Daniela (Berrit Arnold, 50), he reveals to her that “he has found a way to raise the lack of money for her therapy”.



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