Sunday, November 28

“All that matters”: shock news! Series-off officially confirmed

The fans of “everything that counts” now have to be very strong, because a series veteran has now officially announced his exit from the popular RTL series …

“Everything that counts”: Series end after 15 years

Nobody expected that: Although the GZSZ and “Alles was geht” fans should have got used to the fact that they have to say goodbye to popular characters from time to time, this news is more than unexpected: A series veteran is leaving ” All that counts” – after 15 years!

Who is the dropout? Nobody less than Fan favorite Sam Eisenstein, who has been in the role of Marian Ozturk can be seen at “Alles was hat”! And the worst: on November 24th, the popular series star will be seen for the last time in the RTL Daily – and it is already known how Marian Food is left …

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

You can read more about “Everything that matters” here:

“Everything that counts”: serial death? So leaves Marian Essen

girlfriend Daniela (Berrit Arnold) suffers from a rare disease and thought for a long time that she would die from it. thanks to Finn (Christopher Kohn) she becomes aware of a therapy that involves 45,000 euros is very expensive. Marian does not lose any time and disappears overnight without a trace. The only thing he leaves behind is a letter in which he Daniela declares that he wants to raise the money …

Even if Sam Eisenstein’s role does not die serial death, so his exit from “Alles was haben” came as a surprise to the fans. As Daniela and Marians Friends will be able to cope with the popular bar owner not coming back? We see that Monday to Friday at 7:05 p.m. on “Alles was geht” on RTL and in advance RTL +.

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