A Chinese ship passed through the ‘west’ of the Korean Strait… What is your intention?


As Chinese naval vessels recently advanced into the East Sea, it has been confirmed that they have passed through the western waterway of the Korea Strait, which is unusually close to Busan. Usually, the waterway on the east side of the Korea Strait, which is close to Japan, is used, but attention is being paid to the intention of changing the route.

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a reporter specializing in national defense.

The Japanese Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Japanese Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced that two Chinese naval vessels, including a destroyer and a frigate, entered the East Sea via the northeast of Tsushima Island on the 13th.

Chinese ships passed through the waterway west of the Korean Strait between Busan and Tsushima.

Since it is on the high seas, there is no problem under international law, but it is very unusual to pass through the western waterway, which is 30-40 km away from Busan.

Usually, when Chinese ships enter the East Sea from the East China Sea, they pass through the waterway east of the Korea Strait between Tsushima Island and the Japanese archipelago.

The recent wakes of Chinese military aircraft flying in the same route as the ships maneuvered were also concentrated in the eastern waterway of the Korean Strait, and last month, Chinese and Russian ships used the eastern waterway when sailing around the Japanese archipelago.

A South Korean military official said, “It seems that China has opened a new route and checked it, but it seems to have something to do with the ongoing China-Russia naval joint exercise.”

The possibility is being raised within the military that not only Chinese ships but also Russian ships may enter the West Sea through the shortest route from the East Sea to the waterway west of the Korea Strait during the training period between the two countries.

[신종우/한국국방안보포럼 책임분석관 : 미국의 봉쇄, 압박에 맞서 중국은 해상 작전 구역을 확대하고 있는데요. 대한해협 ‘서수로’ 통과는 중국 해군의 팽창이 서해·동해에 이어 남해로까지 노골화하는 징후로 풀이됩니다.]

As concerns are raised about an accidental collision in the waterway west of the Korea Strait, which is the front yard of our navy and merchant ships, it is pointed out that it is necessary to accurately understand the intention of the change of route.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)


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