‘3,500 ↑’ today is the highest expected again… “Review of the emergency plan”


The number of new confirmed cases is expected to exceed 3,500 today (24th), the highest number ever. The number of critically ill patients was the highest, and the government said it would consider strengthening quarantine measures, including emergency plans, if the current situation continues.

Reporter Park Soo-jin.

This is an elderly care facility in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

After the user’s family was first confirmed on the 20th, 16 people including users and employees were infected, and 14 people were infected.

At this nursing facility in Guro-gu, Seoul, 13 people have been infected since the 20th, all of which were breakthrough infections.

Although the quarantine authorities are tightening the reins in high-risk facilities for the elderly, such as nursing homes, the epidemic seems to be spreading.

[박향/중앙사고수습본부 방역총괄반장 : (요양병원과 시설에 대한) 추가 접종에 속도를 높이도록 하겠습니다. 그래서 11월 26일까지, 늦어도 말까지는 접종을 완료하도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.]

As of 00:00 yesterday, there were 549 cases of severe severe disease, which is increasing mainly among the elderly, which was also the highest ever.

The shortage of beds in the metropolitan area is also not improving, with 836 patients waiting for more than a day to be assigned a bed, and 3 deaths while waiting for hospitalization last week.

It will be four weeks next week after the first phase of the phased daily recovery started, but the transition to the second phase will not be easy.

On the contrary, the quarantine authorities are of the position that if the current situation continues, they will also consider strengthening the quarantine, including an emergency plan.

[손영래/중앙사고수습본부 사회전략반장 : 엄중한 상황들이 계속된다면 어느 정도 방역조치를 강화시키는 부분들 혹은 비상계획까지도 염두에 두고 내부적으로 검토를 해야 되는 상황이라고 (내부 의견이 있습니다.)]

As the risk of student infection increases due to full school attendance, quarantine authorities are taking additional advance reservations for teenagers aged 12 to 17 by December 31st.


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