This year, more than 940,000 people are subject to the property tax… 90% of multi-homeowners and corporations


The number of people who have to pay comprehensive real estate tax this year is 950,000, a significant increase from last year. The government explained that 98% of the people did not receive a comprehensive real estate tax bill, and that those who own one house did not see a significant increase in property tax. However, voices of dissatisfaction are heard everywhere.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo on the sidewalk.

This year, 947,000 people received a comprehensive real estate tax bill for housing, accounting for about 2% of the total population, and about 6.4% of the homeowners.

The notified tax amounted to 5.7 trillion won, a significant increase in both the subject and the amount compared to last year’s tax.

More than half of the number of multi-homeowners with two or more houses was 485,000, paying 2.7 trillion won, about half of the total tax amount, and corporations also eliminated tax benefits, resulting in a nearly four-fold increase in target and tax amount compared to last year.

Multi-family houses and corporations paid about 5 trillion won, or 90% of the total tax amount.

[박금철/기재부 재산소비세정책관 : 주택시장 안정을 위한 다주택자 과세 강화 조치로 3주택 이상 과세 인원과 세액이 증가했습니다.]

One householder per household pays 3.5% of the total tax amount, or 200 billion won, up 80 billion won from last year.

However, 72.5% of single-family homeowners said that they only pay about 500,000 won on average, which is the effect of raising the official price based on the deduction amount and strengthening the benefits of long-term ownership and deductions for the elderly, the authorities explained.

[Park Geum-cheol/Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Property Consumption Tax Policy Officer: Due to various measures, the tax burden of a single householder is not large, and a tax ceiling system was introduced to force an increase in the tax burden.

However, it is said that the combined property tax and estate tax is capped at up to three times the previous year. In terms of this tax alone, there have been many cases where the actual amount paid increased more than three times last year.

There are also complaints about the sudden increase in the tax burden, such as complaining that the tax amount has increased nearly 10 times even though I have temporarily become a second-homeowner due to inheritance, etc.

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