The average market price of 2.5 billion 1 homeowners is 500,000 won… 3 times increase in dissatisfaction


The government explained that 98% of the people did not receive a comprehensive real estate tax bill, and that those who own a house did not see a significant increase in property tax. Nevertheless, there are people who say it has risen more than three times from a year ago, and voices of dissatisfaction are heard everywhere.

Next is reporter Kim Jung-woo.

The number of first-generation single-family homeowners who pay the property tax increased from 120,000 last year to 132,000, and the amount of tax increased by about 80 billion won.

Still, the government said that 72.5% of single-family homeowners pay an average of 500,000 won with a city price of 2.5 billion won or less.

Authorities explain that the deduction amount is based on the publicly announced price of 1.1 billion won and the city price of 1.6 billion won.

[박금철/기재부 재산소비세 정책관 : 다양한 조치로 인해 1세대 1주택자의 세 부담은 크지 않은 수준이고. 세 부담 증가를 강제하려고 세 부담 상한제도를 도입했습니다.]

It is said that the amount of property tax, including property tax and estate tax, was capped at up to three times the previous year.

Person A, who owns one house in each non-metropolitan area and Bundang, was charged 2.6 million won, nine times more than a year ago, due to the problem of supporting her parents.

House prices in non-metropolitan areas did not change much, but house prices per minute increased by more than 40%.

[A 씨/1가구 2주택자 : 본가에 팔순이 넘은 아버님이 여전히 혼자 거주를 하고 계시고. (세무당국에선) ‘투기성은 아니지만 어쩔 수 없는 1가구 2주택자이기 때문에 인상분이 굉장히 높아진 것 같습니다’라고.]

Some civic groups are even preparing to file a claim for unconstitutionality of the property tax.

The government is of the view that there was 10 months until June 1, last year, the tax base date after the revision of the Property Tax Act, and that there was enough time for multi-homeowners to dispose of a house that was not intended for actual residence.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Park Sun-soo)

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