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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles + Co .: At war with the BBC over new documentation

Queen Elizabeth and her family could soon boycott the collaboration with the British TV broadcaster BBC. Trigger: The explosive documentary “The Princess And The Press”, which will be released soon, and which they were not allowed to see beforehand.

In recent years the BBC has produced some documentaries about and with the British royal family. But now the cooperation is in danger. According to British media reports including “The Daily Telegraph” and “Daily Mail”, Prince William, 39, Prince Charles, 73, and Queen Elizabeth, 95, have joined forces in a rare action to complain to the British TV station and possibly boycotting it.

Queen Elizabeth and Co .: The British royals are said to refuse to cooperate with the BBC

The reason for this is the two-part documentary “The Princess And The Press”, which will be broadcast on November 22, 2021 on BBC2. The second part will follow on November 29th.

The problem: According to a palace insider, the station – despite alleged meetings with Williams’ representatives – refused to show the documentation to the royal family in advance – to which they should have reacted extremely angrily. The royal family then even announced that they would refuse to work on future projects if the royals were not given the right to respond to the statements in the documentation. The source said: “There is excitement about it. The households agree that this is not fair. Nobody in the palace saw it”.

The documentary is supposed to reveal Harry and Williams’ exploitation of the media

But what is the two-parter actually about? According to the BBC website, journalist Amol Rajan deals with the various relationships between Harry, Duchess Meghan, 40, William and Duchess Catherine, 39, with the media. “In over 80 hours of interviews, which were conducted over several months, Amol meets journalists who reported on the story and then became part of the story themselves,” the description says. Including Omid Scobie, Royal expert, author of “Finding Freedom” and Meghan supporter.

As harmless as the content sounds, it shouldn’t be. According to the “Daily Mail”, Amol is said to be a self-proclaimed republican who described the monarchy as “absurd”. Palace insiders are also said to believe that the documentary reveals how Harry and William allegedly exploited the media during the height of their feud.

The royals and the British press: a love-hate relationship

It’s not the first time that a documentary has been rejected by the British royal family for trying to play the brothers off against each other. According to the Daily Mail, the ITV documentary “Harry and William: What Went Wrong?” (Eng. “Harry and William: What went wrong?”) a scene will be cut out in July 2021 shortly before the broadcast. Shown in it: Omid Scobie, who claimed that Prince William had foisted stories about Prince Harry’s mental health problems on the press. Cambridge and Sussex officials have repeatedly denied allegations that the brothers “instructed” the press against one another.

Nor is it the first time William has expressed displeasure with the BBC. Most recently he has worked with the broadcaster several times; his Earthshot Awards and Tribute to his late grandfather, Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, were broadcast there. Charles Sohn has also expressed his anger over the legendary “Panorama” interview with his mother Princess Diana, † 36, which was broadcast on the station in 1995.

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