Media Khaled Helmy celebrates his daughter’s wedding (photos)


07:02 PM

Monday, November 22, 2021

The prominent journalist Khaled Helmy celebrated the wedding of his eldest daughter, Nada Helmy, to Engineer Moataz Mustafa, in the presence of family and friends, and a group of media professionals and public figures.

The bride wore a royal wedding dress, in white, with an extension trend, and fully embroidered, and she adopted a flowing hairstyle, with a soft crown.

As for the engineer, Moataz Mustafa, he wore an elegant suit, as he chose black trousers, with a red and black maroon jacket.

The journalist Khaled Helmy presented a number of distinguished works of art, including the series “Akht Therese” and “Ektiar Ijbari”, and other dramas and radio works.

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