For a man .. 5 signs that your partner is angry with you


10:00 pm

Monday, November 22, 2021

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi
The relationship between a man and a woman always needs a lot of understanding and love to last, and because the nature of men and women is different from each other, some problems may occur between them, which makes the woman feel angry towards her partner.
Here are some signs that she is angry with you, according to the India of Times website.

1. Not communicating with you:

Most women like to call or talk to their partner always to share the smallest details, but if that doesn’t happen and her responses go from a few lines to words like, yeah, well, you should know that something is not right, and you should know that she is mad at you, So think about what could be causing this to happen.

2. Change the tone of voice:

One of the easiest ways to tell that she’s mad at you is with her tone of voice, so if you find that there’s a change in the way she’s talking, know that everything isn’t going well and that there’s something you did that made her angry for some reason.

3. Nice with everyone else:

If your partner is in a state of anger at you, she does not necessarily show it to others, you notice that she will become very nice to others but not you, and that is because you made her angry, so, if this is what you notice, you must make sure that she is not in a state Temperament allows you to forgive easily and it is better to apologize immediately.

4. You don’t do much housework.

If you share house chores, if you find that she has not done her share of work and will not want to cook even though she is not busy, it may be a sign of anger at you.

5. Not paying attention to you.

Girls always try to show their interest in their partner, but if that changes, know that they are in a state of anger and annoyance.

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