Duchess Meghan: does a 200 year old constitutional amendment prevent your political career?


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Does a 200 year old constitutional amendment prevent your political career?

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Duchess Meghan has been rumored for some time that she would pursue a political career in the United States. But a certain constitutional amendment could prevent that now.

Since Duchess Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, resigned as senior royals, they have pursued their own goals. In their adopted home of Montecito, California, they not only look after their children Archie, 2, and Lilibet Diana, 5 months, but also take care of their projects.

When Meghan asked for paid parental leave in an open letter to the US Congress in October 2021, there was criticism. The 40-year-old used her royal title to interfere in US politics, Royal experts said at the time.

Since then, however, there have also been voices that Meghan has serious political ambitions. Now it turns out, however, that an old amendment to the US constitution could thwart the Duchess of Sussex – at least if Meghan intends to become president.

Duchess Meghan: But no career in politics?

Said constitutional amendment dates from 1810 and could prevent Meghan’s candidacy for the office of US president. According to experts, the constitution was amended 211 years ago so that no one who receives “a title of nobility conferred by a foreign power” can hold office in the United States, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Originally the change was made to keep Napoleon’s nephew in power. After Napoleon’s brother, Jérôme Bonaparte, married the American celebrity Elizabeth “Betsy” Patterson, speculation arose that her son might run for office. A measure that, two centuries later, could also prove fatal to Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Meghan: how serious are your intentions?

Even if Duchess Meghan advocates paid parental leave and is thus politically active, she has so far not mentioned a word that she wanted to run as a candidate for the presidency.

According to Meghan’s biographer, Tom Bower, this is only a matter of time. He has already claimed that the prospect of a presidential campaign is “possible, and I would even say likely”.

It remains to be seen whether Meghan actually plans to take up this office as a candidate and whether that is even possible.

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