Monday, November 29

Customer’s suspicious behavior… A banker who uses his wits to prevent ‘phishing’

The wit and quick response of the bankers averted a voice phishing scam that almost blew up huge deposits. A customer in his 60s didn’t take it lightly when he canceled his deposit and went back and forth to change a check.

This is UBC reporter Shin Hye-ji.

A gray-haired man sits at a bank teller and talks to an employee.

Mo Kim, in her 60s, asked her to cancel the deposit of 170 million won because she needed money to lend to her younger brother.

Kim headed straight to another branch to exchange 70 million won received by check for cash out of 170 million won that had been canceled prematurely.

The employee who had doubts about finding another branch without exchanging money at the bank he visited first refused to change money.

[김재욱/중울산농협 진장지점 : 주차장까지 찾아갔는데 설득이 안 됐어요. 그래서 여직원이…우리 내부망에 통신문이라는 게 있어요. ‘이런 상황이 발생했으니까 주의하시라’고 (올렸죠.)]

However, 30 minutes later, Kim appeared again at another point 3 kilometers away.

This time, I tried to exchange 70 million won, but a bank employee came and reported it to the police, and it was settled.

[이연주/중울산농협 병영지점 : ‘솔직하게 말씀해주셔야 저희가 피해를 막고 도와드릴 수 있습니다’라고 재차 말씀을 드렸거든요. ‘사실은 제가 문자를 한 통 받았다’고 이렇게 말씀을 하시더라고요.]

Mr. Kim received a message for an overseas payment of $500 that he did not spend, and called the Consumer Protection Center guided in the text message.

[김 모 씨 : (문자로) 돈이 빠져나갔다고 해서 그랬던 거죠. (보이스피싱범이) 직원들한테 가족들한테 얘기하지 말라고 하더라고….]

The police decided to deliver a letter of appreciation to the bank employee who prevented the damage.

(Screen credit: Jung-Ulsan Nonghyup)

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