[Pick] “The clock blinks” the student’s activation … The identity of the man who immediately handed the watch


The story of the mayor handing over his watch to a student who went to take the 2022 University Scholastic Ability Test forgot his watch and rolled his feet is a hot topic.

Yesterday (18th), when the 2022 academic year was held, at about 8 am, 10 minutes before the entrance deadline, I found out that one of the students who arrived in front of the main gate of Distribution High School in Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, Busan forgot and did not bring a watch.

A student who was bewildered by the sudden situation was upset in front of the school gate and did not know what to do. A middle-aged man readily handed the watch he was wearing.

This middle-aged man was Park Jae-beom, Mayor of Nam-gu, Busan.

An official from Nam-gu Office said, “The student thanked me and asked, ‘How can I deliver the watch later?’

Mayor Park is known to have visited the high school to encourage the students on the day of the entrance exam.

Mayor Park said on his Facebook page, “After delaying the morning patrol for a while, I went to the test center. I lent my watch to a friend who didn’t bring a watch. Let them do it and come,” he sent a message of encouragement.

Meanwhile, on the morning of the day of the entrance exam, there were cases where the test takers misunderstood the exam hall or forgot the exam ticket at the exam centers all over the country.

In Dong-gu, Busan, at around 7:39 a.m., an examinee forgot his admission ticket at home and was late on his way home.

In Jung-gu, Busan, an examinee who mistook the exam site arrived at Busan Digital High School at around 7:44 am, and the traffic police, who were on emergency duty, transported them to Dong-gu Computer Science High School.

At Gyeongin High School in Guro-gu, Seoul, the police officer brought the ID from the residence on behalf of the student who had left the ID, so the student was able to take the exam with a short drive.

This is a ‘news pick’.

(Photo=Park Jae-beom, Mayor of Nam-gu, Busan, Facebook capture)


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