North Korean travel agency to promote Pyongyang Marathon in April next year… “It will be confirmed only when the borders are opened.”


▲ The Pyongyang Marathon held in 2019

With the timing of the opening of the border between North Korea and China paying attention, a travel agency specializing in North Korea has started promoting the Pyongyang Marathon in April next year.

Beijing-based Koryo Tours has announced on its website that the Pyongyang Marathon will be held on April 10 next year.

Koryo Tour is the official travel agency for Pyongyang Marathon.

The Koryo Tour announced that they could run 5km, 10km, half (21km), and full (42km) marathons in downtown Pyongyang.

North Korea has closed its borders to prevent the inflow of COVID-19, and did not hold the Pyongyang Marathon last year and this year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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