North Korean defector Kim Young-hee appointed as the head of the North-South Hana Foundation… North Korean defector’s first department head


Kim Young-hee, a senior research fellow at Korea Development Bank, a former North Korean defector, was selected as the head of the external cooperation department of the South-North Hana Foundation under the Ministry of Unification.

It is the first time since the foundation was founded in 2010 that the Hana Foundation, which helps North Korean refugees settle in, has appointed a North Korean defector as a department head.

Director Kim Young-hee was selected through an open call for positions, and is expected to receive an appointment letter on the 22nd.

Director Kim Young-hee entered South Korea in 2002 after graduating from the Department of Finance and Economics at Jeong Jun-taek Wonsan University of Economics, a representative economic university in North Korea.

Kim has served as a senior researcher at the Korea Development Bank, head of the North Korean economic team, a standing member of the Advisory Committee for Democratic Peace and Unification, an advisory member of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, a policy advisory member of the Ministry of Unification, and a private member of the Mid- and Long-term Strategy Committee of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

(Photo = provided by Hana Foundation, Yonhap News)

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