Lili celebrated Halloween as a skunk


Herzogin Meghan
Lili celebrated Halloween as a skunk

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have lived in the United States since 2020.

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Meghan and Ellen DeGeneres celebrated Halloween together. On US television, the two told how Meghan’s children experienced the festival.

Herzogin Meghan (40) did on the TV show by Ellen DeGeneres (63) talked about her “happy” life with her husband Prince Harry (37) in California. The couple live with their two children Archie (2) and Lilibet (5 months) in Montecito. They settled there after stepping down from their duties in the British royal family in early 2020.

Meghan stated, “We moved here during lockdown, right when everything was closed, so we could just spend a lot of time at home and make our home. But I think it’s the lifestyle here and the weather is pretty great. We’re just.” happy.”

Meghan about her children

Speaking to her friend and neighbor DeGeneres, the Duchess of Sussex said that Archie loves being a big brother. As a mother of two, Meghan said she noticed that everyone was talking about how it is for the second child. But nobody talks about the changes for the first child when the second comes. The 40-year-old also revealed that daughter Lili, who was born on June 4th, is already teething. The little one normally sleeps well, now it’s different, so Meghan: “I was up most of the night.”

She also said that Archie likes to dance: “I love to dance, and Archie now loves to dance too.” In addition to dancing, cooking is apparently one of the royal family’s favorite pastimes. Prince Harry’s wife said she would prepare a feast for Thanksgiving on November 25th. “I love to cook, we are at home and just relax.” She added, “It’s our second Thanksgiving home in California, so it’s going to be nice.”

Archie as a dinosaur

The former actress, who hails from Los Angeles, revealed on the talk show that Archie wore a dinosaur costume on Halloween. His little sister was disguised as a “little skunk, like a flower from Bambi”. But the two children are still not interested in Halloween. Archie only wore his costume for a very short time, his mother explained: “Archie was a dinosaur for maybe five minutes. Not even five minutes.”

DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi (48) celebrated with Harry and Meghan. The talk show host told the audience how Harry convinced Archie to put on his dinosaur costume: It took Harry a long time to persuade his son to put the head on his costume. And Lili as a skunk was “so cute”.

Your last night before the big media hype

Meghan associates another memory with Halloween. She and Harry enjoyed a party incognito in costumes to celebrate “one last night” before their relationship became public. The couple was with Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie (31) and her current husband Jack Brooksbank (35).

The two visited Harry and Meghan in Toronto, where the actress was filming the series “Suits”: “The four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes to have a fun night on the town before it was found out that we were a couple “, remembers Meghan. In the fall of 2016, the relationship between the Queen’s grandson and the US actress became known.


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