Athlete tested positive for Beijing Olympic International Training Week


One foreign athlete who participated in the International Training Week (ITW) of the Beijing Winter Olympics in China was quarantined after being tested positive for a nucleic acid test for COVID-19.

According to China’s state-run central CCTV, the Beijing Olympic organizing committee announced on the 16th that one foreign athlete who participated in the sledding event ITW was confirmed to be asymptomatic.

The organizing committee did not disclose the athlete’s nationality and entry date, and said that he was transferred to an isolation facility in accordance with the Winter Olympics quarantine rules and is under medical observation.

Previously, 460 athletes and coaches from each country entered China to digest ITW and the 1st World Cup schedule, which will be held on the Chinese Olympic track for about two weeks from the 5th.

In addition to the players who tested positive this time, two foreign players tested positive on the 4th and 11th and were transferred to quarantine facilities.

China will hold 10 international competitions, 3 international training sessions, and 2 domestic competitions at 8 stadiums in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, and Yanqing on the outskirts of Beijing until December 31st, during the Winter Olympics test event period. plan to do it.

During this period, more than 2,000 foreign players, coaches, competition technicians, and referees are expected to visit China.

The organizing committee exempted athletes and staff from being vaccinated in accordance with the quarantine rules, and those who were not vaccinated were quarantined for three weeks.

In addition, during the Olympics, the range of action of athletes from overseas is limited to stadiums and training grounds, and a closed management policy of regular nucleic acid testing is applied.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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