Winter special in December


“The Rosenheim Cops”
Winter special in December

The commissioners Stadler (Dieter Fischer, r.) And Hansen (Igor Jeftić) are investigating.

© ZDF / Bojan Ritan

In December, ZDF shows a winter special by the “Rosenheim Cops”. It’s about a “murderous society”.

Shortly before the turn of the year, “The Rosenheim Cops” will investigate in a winter special. ZDF will show the 90-minute edition “Murderous Society” on December 29th from 8:15 pm. Because in wintry Upper Bavaria not everything is as idyllic as it may seem at first.

The main roles include Dieter Fischer (50), Igor Jeftić (49), Sina Wilke (36) and Karin Thaler (56). Many other actors such as Michaela May (69), Leopold Hornung (43) and Thomas Unger (51) also play in the episode. And that’s what it should be about.

A murderous family?

Two walkers discover a body of water in a lake. It is Sebastian Herrling, who has been missing for several months and comes from a wealthy industrial family. The inspectors Stadler (Fischer) and Hansen (Jeftić) start the investigation and pathologist Mai (Wilke) soon discovers that Herrling was slain.

Several people from the dead person’s immediate environment are possible perpetrators. Both his siblings Martin, Feline and Frank and his girlfriend Judith had motives. A suspect can be arrested quickly, but suddenly another corpse appears.


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