Will Prince Charles pass the crown on to Prince William? Expert knows the answer


Will the British crown after Queen Elizabeth be handed over to her son Prince Charles or her grandson Prince William? Opinions on this subject differ.

For years the question of who will succeed Queen Elizabeth, 95, to the throne of the United Kingdom has been debated. The rightful heir to the throne is, of course, Prince Charles, 73, the Queen’s eldest son. But more and more voices are loud that Charles will be skipped and Prince William, 39, will receive the crown directly. According to a survey in the summer of 2021, almost half of the British public favor William as the future king over his father.

The Queen wants her son to be her successor

Royal expert Arndt Striegler once said in an interview with GALA that the chance that William will come straight to the throne is fifty-fifty. “However, the law would have to be changed for this – and that is not in the hands of the Queen, but in that of Parliament.”

The Queen herself does not seem interested in having this law changed. “I hope that one day the Prince of Wales will continue the important work that my father (King George VI., Editor’s note) started in 1949,” she announced in 2018 at a meeting of the 53 member states of the Commenwealth.

Prince Charles or Prince William?

The Royal expert Mr Sacerdoti also suspects, according to “Express”, that William will not be preferred: “I do not think there is a strong argument for it, and I think that Prince Charles will be a different kind of monarch than his mother and William will be a different kind of monarch than his father and grandmother. […] But I don’t see why he should pass the crown down, and I don’t think that would be desirable from anyone’s point of view. He will bring his own agenda to the role. It won’t be a surprise if Charles is King, they have been planning it for years. “

But what really happens will probably only be found out when the time comes.

Sources used: express.co.uk, own research



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