What was really there at the Oscar performance


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
What was really there at the Oscar performance

Also charming on the red carpet: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper explains what was really going on between him and Lady Gaga back in the “Shallow” performance at the 2019 Oscars.

The soulful appearance of Lady Gaga (35) and Bradley Cooper (46) at the Oscars 2019 should still be remembered by most. Now the actor commented on a portrait of Gaga about how the languishing glances at the piano came about – and what they mean.

“For me personally it reduces the fear level”, explained Cooper to the “Hollywood Reporter” the extreme eye contact during the performance. In addition, it would have been strange not to portray the song visually, the actor continues: “In the film, they practically fall in love with this scene,” he added. “It’s that explosive moment that happens to you on stage in front of thousands of people … It would have been so strange if we’d both been on stools facing the audience.”

“So terribly charismatic and beautiful”

Even today, the director and actor only has words of admiration for Gaga: “She is just so terribly charismatic and beautiful,” enthuses Cooper. As soon as they started working together, it became clear to him: “Oh, oh, the sky is the limit of your commitment and what you can do,” said Cooper.

For Cooper, “A Star Is Born” was his directorial debut, and Gaga finally proved himself to be a talented actress with this role. The song “Shallow” won an Oscar in the “Best Song” category. Overall, the film was nominated for eight awards at the 2019 Oscars, including “Best Picture”, “Best Actor” and “Best Actress”.

The chemistry between Gaga and Cooper on screen and stage was so extreme that it sparked headlines and rumors about a possible love affair between the two for weeks. At around the same time, Cooper and his girlfriend, model Irina Shayk (35), also split up, which fueled the rumors even more.



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