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Too short rest time + Co: How to avoid the most common pancake mistakes

Pancakes for breakfast
The 5 most common pancake mistakes

Pancake failure

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Never again burnt or doughy pancakes: If you avoid these five common pancake mistakes, you can always look forward to fluffy pancakes for breakfast.

Delicious pancakes can be baked from eggs, milk and flour in the hot pan in no time at all. The circular dough pieces easily go through as the little sisters of the pancake, which is classically larger and thinner than this variant. For pancakes in the popular American style, a good portion of baking powder is added to the batter – that makes them nice and fluffy.

Stars like Ana Ivanovic and Janina Uhse also enjoy pancakes for breakfast and share their colorful creations with their fans on Instagram. By the way, under the Hastag #pancakes there are around twelve million items to be found – and the trend is rising. But when it comes to the supposedly simple preparation of the delicious pancakes, the devil is in the details: Avoid these five common pancake mistakes!

Are Pancakes Healthy?

Pancakes are an indispensable part of the breakfast table. Especially on weekends, the sweet smell of the baking dough pieces wafts through many apartments and makes the anticipation of feasting rise. Prepared with wholemeal flour, the pancakes are nutritious: In contrast to classic white flour, this variant contains more minerals and fiber. This not only fills you up, but also benefits the intestinal flora.

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If you do not use sugar when mixing the pancake batter, you will get another plus point on the healthy eating scale. Chopped nuts or seeds in the batter or as a topping make the pancakes richer in protein and great fillers. Low-sugar fruits such as blueberries or raspberries provide vitamins and natural sweetness that are also beneficial to the body. Homemade pancakes don’t have to be a sweet sin – it’s the inner values ​​and the ingredients that count.

5 common pancake mistakes

1. The pancake batter is over-stirred

At the sight of small flour pods in the pancake batter, many foodies continue to stir meticulously until they disappear completely – a pancake mistake! Because if the dough is overmixed, flat and no longer fluffy pancakes will follow. The small flour lumps do not have to have disappeared completely, because they do not negatively affect the taste and consistency of the pancakes. To prevent the formation of small build-up of flour, the flour can be sifted into the dry ingredients. Thoroughly mixing the dry ingredients can also prevent annoying lumps.

2. Too short rest period

Sure, people are hungry for pancakes – that’s why many bake them right after they have been mixed. A pancake mistake is hidden here, however, because the dough has to rest for a moment and sit down. Around 15 minutes should be enough for this. The gluten – a sticky protein in the flour – can develop and ensure the desired firmness of the pancakes.

3. Pancake mistake: Bake at the wrong temperature

The finished pancakes should pop out of the pan until golden brown. But they are often baked at too high a heat. The result: the pancakes are burnt on the outside, while the inside is still raw and doughy. To avoid this pancake mistake, the pan should first be preheated to a high temperature. As soon as the first pancakes find their way into the pan, the heat should be turned down. The dough pieces are baked a little more slowly than at full power, but they also taste better in the end.

4. Press the pancakes flat

To speed up the cooking of the pancakes in the pan, flatten some foodies with a spatula – a fatal pancake mistake! Because in this way their fluffiness disappears and all the previous work was in vain. Frequent turning of the pancakes should also be avoided in order to get the fluffy pancakes possible. It is best to leave the batter in the pan, the heat does the magic and lets the pancakes rise slowly.

5. Pancake Mistakes: They’re baked in butter

Foodies should save the butter as a topping for the finished pancakes – it has no business in the pan. This is where a common pancake mistake hides, because butter burns quickly in the hot pan and leaves an unpleasant taste. Even oil during baking does not improve the pancake result: they tend to be tranquil. For pancake fans it is best to use a pan with a good non-stick coating and avoid fat.

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