Monday, November 29

Today’s SBS 8 News Preview (November 18)

[SBS 8뉴스]

Today on SBS 8 News

▶ 3,292 new confirmed cases of Corona, ‘highest number’

▶ About 500 patients with severe cases… The medical system ‘wobbles’

▶ Four presidential candidates to attend SBS D Forum… Announcement of Youth Promise

▶ [단독] CEO Din Tai Fung charged with illegal distribution of 2.4 million frozen dumplings

▶ This “Special Prosecution Request, Withdrawal of Subsidy”… Yoon “Don’t get in the water”

▶ “I’m not that bad guy.”… Rent-a-car company for international students

▶ Korean Netflix price hike… “Korea is the best?”

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