Today’s looks: Dora is radiant.. Rania Mansour shines in black


06:00 pm

Thursday 18 November 2021

Written by Shaima Morsi
Art stars are keen to share their followers and fans with the latest photos of them, through their personal accounts, “Instagram” or “Facebook”.
Therefore, “Masrawy” provides you with a daily service that presents everything you want to know about the latest looks of art stars and fashion trends.


The artist, Dora Bechmez, wore a white dress with light-colored jeans, adopted a soft make-up, and left her curly hair loose.

Hind Sabri:

The artist, Hend Sabry, wore a black blouse with beige jeans, and she adopted soft makeup and coordinated with her look an off-white hat.

Radwa El-Sherbiny:

The media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, also appeared in a long black dress with a black leather belt, and she adopted strong make-up and chose a ponytail hairstyle.

Rania Mansour:

The artist, Rania Mansour, starred in a black dress with frills at the waist, and adopted strong make-up and left her hair hanging down.

Hanan Mutawa:

The artist Hanan Mutawa also wore a gray blouse with sleeves and black pants, and she adopted an earthy make-up and left her wavy hair hanging down.

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