To avoid his anger, do not say these things to Scorpios


10:00 am

Thursday 18 November 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi
Scorpios can seem very calm, but they hide a storm inside, and there are certain things that you should never say to him so as not to irritate him, we mention them to you, according to what was stated in the “timesofindia” website.

– You can forget

People of this sign never forget or forgive, they seek revenge in one way or another.

– why you do not trust me?

Confidence is not present in their lifestyle, so you should always prove yourself to them and show them your loyalty with serious actions.

– I do this instead

Scorpios like to get things done their way and their way, not the way others do.

– Saying “No”

Scorpios tend to dominate their partner, so they cannot accept any objection or rejection.

– do you feel jealous?

They will never accept this because of their egos and act otherwise just to prove you wrong, because of this problem, they can also be very aggressive due to their intense feelings.

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