Monday, November 29

This year’s exam was difficult… Mathematics and English are more difficult than last year, and the Korean language is similar.

It was analyzed that the 2022 college scholastic ability test conducted today (18th) was rather difficult.

In particular, it was analyzed that math and English were more difficult than last year, and the Korean language was evaluated to be similar to last year’s level, but there were not many distinctive fingerprints.

The general evaluation of teachers and admissions agencies is that the Korean language section in the first period was similar to or slightly easier than last year’s CSAT, and was more difficult than the mock evaluation last September.

It is analyzed that the passage of the reading area, which has traditionally many difficult questions, was shortened, the literature was plain, and the difficulty level of speech and writing or language and medium electives was also moderate.

It was agreed that the difficulty evaluation for each subject in the second period was generally difficult.

Teachers viewed the common subjects as difficult to the same degree as the mock evaluations in June and September, while the elective subjects were generally more difficult.

The 3rd period English section was more difficult than last year’s CSAT, but the general evaluation is that it was easier than the mock test last September.

This year, the English section has been switched to indirect linkage that gives similar texts or problems, rather than taking the texts from the EBS textbooks as they are.

Unlike last year, in this year’s SAT, which was held for the first time without any distinction between liberal arts and science, the Korean language and math fields have changed to a ‘common subject + elective subject’ structure, so the standard score for each elective subject may vary.

Therefore, students should pay more attention to securing grades by domain and meeting the minimum academic achievement standards for the entrance exam.

The Korea Curriculum and Evaluation Institute accepts questions and answers objections from today to 6 pm on the 22nd on the bulletin board dedicated to the website.

The test scores will be notified to the candidates on the 10th of the following month.

Wi Su-min, a professor at Korea National University of Education, who chaired the exam, said, “There was no peculiarity in the polarization of achievement levels that was feared between students and graduates in the mock evaluation, so we kept the mock evaluation principle. did,” he said.

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