This year’s exam was difficult… Mathematics and English are more difficult than last year, and the Korean language is similar.


It was analyzed that the 2022 college scholastic ability test (SAT), conducted today (18th), was rather difficult.

It was analyzed that math and English were more difficult than last year, and the Korean language was evaluated to be similar to last year’s level, but there were not many distinctive fingerprints.

Professor Wi Su-min of Korea National University of Education, who chaired the exam, said, “There were no special characteristics among current students and graduates (gap) in the mock evaluation, and there was no peculiarity in the polarization between achievement levels that I was worried about. We wanted to minimize the possibility of disadvantages among the students,” he said.

Lee Young-duk, head of the Daesung Academic Development Research Center, said, “This year’s CSAT is a reorganized integrated CSAT, and it is a test that has quite a distinguishing power overall.”

The general evaluation of teachers and entrance examination companies is that this year’s first period Korean language section is similar to or slightly easier than last year’s CSAT, and that it was more difficult than the mock evaluation last September.

Traditionally, the passages in the reading area, which had many difficult items, were shortened, literature was plain, and the difficulty of elective subjects (communication and writing or language and media) was also analyzed to be at an average level.

However, there were distinctive fingerprints such as ‘Bretton Woods System Key Currency’ (10~13) and ‘Hegel Dialectic’ (4~9). It was analyzed that it would not be easy to solve.

Although the evaluation of the difficulty of each subject in the second period differed slightly between teachers and entrance examination companies, the general consensus was that it was difficult.

Teachers viewed the common subjects as difficult to the same degree as the mock evaluations in June and September, while the elective subjects were generally more difficult.

Megastudy evaluated the 2021 SAT as well as the June/September exam as slightly more difficult, and Daesung Academy’s ‘Common + Probability and Statistics’ is more difficult than last year’s Math B (Humanities) and ‘Common + Calculus’ last year’s math correction ( It was analyzed a little more difficult than science and engineering).

The 3rd period English section was more difficult than last year’s CSAT, but the general evaluation is that it was easier than the mock test last September, which was evaluated to be difficult.

This year, the English section has been switched to indirect linkage that gives similar texts or problems, rather than taking the texts from the EBS textbooks as they are.

Admissions companies such as college admissions companies, Daesung Academy, and Mega Study also analyzed that it was more difficult than last year’s SAT English, which was evaluated as easy, and easier than the September mock test.

Meanwhile, 96 students were confirmed with COVID-19 and 128 were self-isolated.

The Korean Curriculum and Evaluation Institute accepts objections for questions and answers from today (SAT day) to 6 pm on the 22nd on the bulletin board dedicated to the website.

The test scores will be notified to the candidates on the 10th of the following month.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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