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You don’t have any baking paper in your house or are you looking for a quick and environmentally friendly replacement for baking paper? With these alternatives, you don’t have to go without cookies, cakes, pizza and the like.

Pretty much everyone knows and uses baking paper. However, the use is not sustainable, because according to the manufacturers, conventional baking paper can only be used six times. That produces a lot of rubbish in the course of a lifetime! In addition, the paper cannot be recycled because of the non-stick coating. An environmentally friendly substitute for baking paper must therefore be found as soon as possible.

Baking paper substitute: Environmentally friendly alternatives

When looking for a substitute for baking paper, there are many alternatives, not all of which are suitable. With the following you can be sure that you are doing something good for yourself and the environment.

1. Pizza, tarte flambée, bread and rolls are best combined in one Fireclay pizza stone prepare. The stone is made of natural clay material and can withstand higher temperatures. Although the stones cannot be washed off and develop patina after a while, this does not affect their usability. Heat the stone in the oven, put the dough, pizza, etc. on the hot stone and then use a pizza peel to remove the finished dish. The perfect substitute for baking paper!

2. Oblaten are also great as a substitute for baking paper. Cookie doughs and small pastries in particular can be placed on the wafer with the help of two spoons or a piping bag. Wafers are tasteless and do not adhere to the baking tray, so they are perfect for doing without baking paper.

3. One Glass baking sheet is a particularly practical and pollutant-free substitute for baking paper, because it can be put in the oven without baking paper and the ingredients do not adhere to the heat-resistant glass. Best of all, you can use them as a baking sheet and serving dish.

4. The reusable one Permanent baking foil is provided with a Teflon non-stick coating, but if you still want to reduce your waste consumption with conventional baking paper, you could do this with a permanent baking sheet as a replacement for baking paper. Whether cakes, cookies, pizza, frozen food or bread – nothing really sticks to this film, nothing gets wet, it is super easy to clean with water and washing-up liquid or in the washing machine and can be used much more often than baking paper. Ideal as a replacement for baking paper!

5. Grease and flour or breadcrumbs are well-tried means that the grandmother used to work with before. Simply grease the baking pan or baking sheet with coconut oil, rapeseed oil or other vegan fats and then dust it with flour or crumble breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs over it. The perfect substitute for baking paper for cake and roll dough or pizza!

6. Also uncoated bread paper is suitable as a substitute for baking paper. The alternative is not completely free of waste, but it is more environmentally friendly, because some products are cellulose-based, i.e. they do not contain any chemical additives. Depending on the thickness of the paper, you can also use several layers of bread paper when applying. You should make sure that you grease the bread paper thinly so that nothing sticks.

You should avoid these

Finding a suitable substitute for baking paper is not difficult at all. Teflon baking mats, silicone baking foils and aluminum foil are particularly popular as alternatives. But they can be problematic for health and the environment.

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The baking mat with Teflon coating is already being celebrated in the network as a substitute for baking paper. The reason for this: it can be used up to a thousand times. That sounds fine and good at first, but it looks different when you use it, because toxic fumes can be formed in the process. Disposal is also not very environmentally friendly, because the baking foil ends up in waste incineration plants via household waste. Highly poisonous gases are produced there during combustion and these pollute the environment.

The same applies to a baking sheet with a non-stick coating as a substitute for baking paper, because that too is made of Teflon and accordingly has the same problems as the Teflon baking mat. You should therefore do without both and use an environmentally friendly substitute for baking paper!

Silicone baking film

Silicone baking films are particularly popular as a replacement for baking paper due to their frequent reusability and easy cleaning (with water and washing-up liquid). For health and nature, however, they are questionable. Many of the baking foils already smell extremely of plastic when they are bought. This is harmful to health. Furthermore, the disposal of silicone is harmful to the environment. Even more reasons to use a substitute for baking paper!

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is often used as a substitute for baking paper. It is also harmful to the environment, because in order to extract the aluminum ore bauxite, trees have to be cleared because the ore is in the ground. That consumes a lot of energy during production. Even if aluminum foil usually comes to mind first as a substitute for baking paper, it should be noted that small amounts of aluminum can get into the food, especially with acidic, alkaline and salty foods.

Environmentally friendly alternatives to aluminum foil are for example Lunch boxes, Screw jars, Cloth lunch box or Beeswax cloths.

What you ultimately choose is up to you. Some foods do not need a substitute for baking paper because they are already fatty enough. Others require oil or fat to replace the parchment paper. Particularly firm doughs often need additional flour so that nothing sticks. But none of that is a problem, because it doesn’t cost a lot more time or money, and you definitely feel better with a sustainable substitute for baking paper. For the sake of the environment!

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