Monday, November 29

The platoon leader frequently asks the soldiers to give them a ‘massage’… Allegations of sexual harassment

A platoon commander of a field unit in the Army is under investigation by the military police for allegedly frequently requesting massages from his soldiers and engaging in abusive language and unwanted physical contact in the process.

According to Facebook’s ‘I will deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center’, the informant who introduced himself as an acquaintance of a soldier working in the 3rd Division of the Army said that the acquaintance had been subjected to verbal abuse and sexual harassment by the platoon commander.

The informant revealed that platoon leader Lee gave a massage to a soldier during mental strength training last August, and said, “You did it for me, so you get a massage, too,” and the other person made unwanted physical contact.

The informant claimed, “The platoon commander frequently went into the dormitory, whether in the administrative group or the dormitory, and called in some powerful soldiers from the platoon to give them a massage.”

Also, the informant said, “The platoon leader came to the army because he wanted to beat him, but once he became an officer, the army couldn’t do that,” he said.

The 3rd Division of the Army said, “After the inspection and investigation, the officer was immediately separated from the unit.”

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