The high school where cheering cheers disappeared… Youth also review quarantine pass


Students, you have worked hard. It was the second SAT held in the Corona situation.

Reporter Shin Jeong-eun covered the exam hall.

It has been a long time since the loud cheering shouts in front of the school gate on the morning of the entrance exam day have disappeared.

Although it was not possible to find the examinees armed with quarantine suits like last year, the tension of the students wearing masks remains the same.

[김기환/수험생 : 너무 힘들었으니까. 다 부숴버리고 오겠습니다.]

Parents see off with warm encouragement.

[잘 될 거야. (갔다 올게.)]

A late examinee was also caught running into a patrol car and rushing to the exam hall.

After the exam is over, my steps are lighter with a refreshed mind.

About 509,000 test takers took the SAT at 1,300 test centers across the country.

96 test-takers confirmed with COVID-19 took the test at hospitals and living treatment centers, and 128 test-takers who were notified of quarantine due to close contact took the test at a separate test center.

In the midst of this, the quarantine authorities are reviewing ways to introduce the ‘Quarantine Pass’ in some multi-use facilities such as PC rooms, singing practice rooms, and movie theaters that teenagers like.

This is because the completion rate of COVID-19 vaccination for 12-17 year-olds is low at around 3%, and the number of student confirmed cases is not decreasing.

Here, starting on the 22nd, kindergartens and elementary, middle, and high schools are about to return to school.

If the outside activities of students increase after the entrance exam, the risk of infection will inevitably increase, so we cannot slow down the tension.

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