Monday, November 29

The French Chronicle: 6 Curious Facts from “The French Chronicle” in the Wes Anderson Style

The film is structured in four sections, dedicated to the four chronicles included in the magazine. It is a collection of stories packed with exquisite visuals, hilarious plot twists and poignant performances.

The first is a colorful chronicle of the journalist Herbsaint Sazerac it’s about Ennui-sur-Blasé, the charming town where the plot takes place. The second revolves around the work of the criminal painter Moses Rosenthaler, who is ruthlessly promoted and sold at increasingly astronomical prices. The third chronicle, by Lucinda Krementz, is a personal account of the claims and passions, political and sexual, that push Ennui’s disenchanted romantic youth to go to war. Complete the collection a portrait of the legendary Chief Nescaffer, the cook of the city commissioner, who suddenly turns into a suspenseful tale against the clock.

The French Chronicle. ESPECIAL / 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS.

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