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Tenoch Huerta: Actor’s tweet about racism at Christmas, sparks controversy

Tenoch Huerta turned social networks upside down again, saying that the period comes when dark-skinned people check their bags in shopping centers.

This as a reference to the fact that those who have a certain skin color are stereotyped as people who do not have economic resources or are thieves, something normalized in the audiovisual.

The beautiful time of year has arrived in which the prietos will be followed in all the shopping centers, they will ask us for the purchase tickets and they will check the bags; they will ask if our debit cards have a balance and they will look at us with distrust every time we enter fifís places, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Users for and against the comment were seen in the message that has so far accounted for about 10 thousand likes.

“Skin color is not your problem. It is the enormous insecurity and inferiority complex that accompanies you. If your comment were true, the population would not enter shopping malls because of their skin color and appearance. There is no perfect physical profile. , everything is in your mind, “wrote user Lú Za.

“Well, you always get out of narco or naco, who is going to trust you?” Vicente Negrete stressed.

Tenoch, an actor in “Colosio, el silencio” and “Narcos: México” is part of Poder Prieto, a group made up of actresses, actors and members of the national audiovisual community that seeks to enhance brown skin, mostly seen among the country’s inhabitants. , and that the stereotypes seen on screen end.

Black Power

Last May Twitter was flooded with the “hastag” “#DondeHayPrieturaHaySabrosura” and “#PoderPrieto” for remember the pride it means to be brown and stop giving histriones with that skin color low-class characters, thief and gandalla, when in reality there are successful professionals with that tonality and it is not reflected in the productions.

Last September, Huerta was in the eye of Twitter, being singled out as a racist for spreading a cartoon that puts the influencer Jesús Rendón “Tumbaburros” as a gorilla.

The cartoon made by a monero alluded to what Rendón said at the 2021 International Forum, organized by the National Action Party in the Senate, with the theme of pregnant women in a vulnerable state and which culminated in the signing of an agreement between members of the PAN with the Spanish far-right VOX.

The actor is currently filming the sequel to Black Panther.



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