Technique to measure employees’ handling from a human perspective when a crisis occurs in their organization


04:00 am

Thursday 18 November 2021

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Kintaba is set up by a group of former Facebook employees, which aims to develop technology to monitor people’s response to incidents throughout their lives.
The company revealed the development of a new technology called “heat maps”, which is a way to monitor any response to accidents and crises from a human perspective and to build an understanding of how employees in any organization behave when a crisis occurs in it.
TechCrunch noted that Kintapa co-founder and CEO John Eggen says the company’s founders have cut ties with Facebook and want to develop products for organizations of all sizes in order to provide a positive focus on how to deal with crises with data.
Eggen added that the new “heat maps” give management within the company a view of people’s response to accidents, and thus management can know who are the most active in facing the accident, which is difficult to determine through traditional tools to assess how accidents are dealt with.
Eggen expressed his hope that this data will be used for positive purposes with the aim of helping improve performance within the company over time and rewarding the people who do their best to report and deal with incidents to reduce their impact on the organization and customers.

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